Family Holidays

We understand Family vacation is important and we do offer family friendly safaris with consideration for the children and adults having an awesome time, we'll implement every viable evaluation to ensure that you travel with utmost safety and convenience. Our experiences with Family holidays have left families more connected, happier and looking forward to the next family holiday.

Group packages

Our Lit adventures team does ‘Reckees’ into unventured destinations of which the we do develop customized, experiential travel packages that are value for your money while ensuring quality is on point. The group packages give you an opportunity to tour new destinations at an affordable cost while you get to network with friends you travel with or with fellow travelers.

Individual Holidays

It’s no secret that vacation time is precious and we are committed to creating beautiful moments for lifetime memories. Our travel team has the knowhow and understanding to customizing a fanatastic vacation you'll never forget. We have an option of you joining a itinerary-planned safari, group package or provide choices of hotel stays, self-catering facilities or safaris that resonates your interests.


We understand the intricacies of coporate travel and we strive to give you the best information or options of where you want to go and warrant to get you there. With your happiness as our focus, it gives us an wonderful sense of pleasure when our endearing network of employees and affiliates strive for excellence and work together to cater to the ever-evolving expectations of our valued customers in a way that replicates their personal interests.